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The Book of Common Worship is an excellent and even critical resource for pastors, but I find writing my own prayers an even more essential discipline in the homiletic process.  Writing my own prayers is a weekly discipline.  Here are prayers inspired by Exodus 16:2-15 and Matthew 20:1-16.  BTW prayer of praise can be easily written to the negative to function as a prayer of confession.


Leader: The Kingdom of God has been imagined as a future promise or a present invitation.

People:   The Kingdom of God is mysterious.

Leader: Jesus’ teaching tugged at the mysterious veil in order to explicate God’s Kingdom.

People: His parables, age-old, remain unsettling and surprising.

Leader:  Perhaps we will recognize The Kingdom as a tireless seek and find.

All: Let us worship the God who allows us a robust reward through exertion and purpose.  Amen.


God of a divine economy, in our dollar and cents society, we struggle to express what we value.  It is a great mystery that some valueless things are priceless.  It is another mystery that some valuable things are a burden.  From some place deeper than our pockets or wallets we have come to know value.  At times, we have been undervalued and almost talked into our worthlessness.  In other moments we have walked into a profound purpose and felt great humility and privilege.  Let the evidence of our praise be in our ability to call one another to purpose within this place.  For this church does not belong to those of us who have been here the longest.  Your house and ministry belongs equally to the next one who walks into your ready space.  Hear each prayer in whatever hour it finds itself, through Christ.    Amen.




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