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Part 2 of Hallowed be Halloween.

There is nothing quite like a child who prepares for their Halloween costume.  Thinking about the alternate identity.  Determining what they could stand to be and what they could not.  There is nothing like the child that comes to your door and peaks from around their mask to let us see their faces.  They often say “its me”.   Such hope to be known (even behind some very gross masks) is one of the good practices of Halloween.  Shame on us if we do not want to know who is under the mask when they come to our door.

There is something about growing up.  The dynamic with masks changes.  No longer are they purchased.  No longer are they always chosen.  They seem to slip on and before we know it we are wearing the mask of aggressor or victim.  The mask of trickster or know-it-all finds its way around our identity.  Masks of honor and shame, either one, can stifle.  Once a child and now an adult, we allow the masks to stay where they are not welcome because we are no longer children but adults.  We fear we should have known better than to have this mask.  After all, when we were children we picked them.

The mask of an adult requires a different sort of courage.  But we must remember that they once played peek-a-boo and they are still children of God.    Halloween whispers a divine question….”Who is behind the mask?”.


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